Carbine Studios' dev hosting reddit AMA on his 18 years in the MMO industry

WildStar preview thumb

Jeremy Gaffney co-founded Turbine (Asheron's Call, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online) in 1994. He was lead programmer on Ultima Online 2 before helping found Destination Games in 2001, which later became the US headquarters for NCsoft (Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Lineage II). Nowadays he's an executive producer, working on Wildstar at Carbine Studios.

He just started an Ask Me Anything thread on reddit to answer any and all questions regarding the games he's worked on and the MMO industry as a whole.

We've been told that he'll be there for several hours answering questions, so head over to this thread on reddit to participate. Or just stop by afterwards and browse through his answers.

Based on his first few answers, Gaffney seems to be open to tackling tough topics and giving honest answers about the industry. No Woody Harrelson marketing session here.

If you haven't heard about Wildstar yet, here's the video they released yesterday. Consider it your AMA research.