Capcom wants to shrink the gap between Monster Hunter PC and console releases

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is heading to consoles in September, while those of us playing on PC have been left out in the cold. There's no release date yet, but Capcom is aiming for a winter launch. It's a long wait while others get to enjoy big monster fights. Thankfully, Capcom has not been deaf to the PC masses who want more Monster Hunter, sooner. 

“We know that the title updates for console have taken a while to reach PC, which is something that a lot of PC players have given us feedback about,” producer Ryōzō Tsujimoto told PCGamesN. “We’re going to try and see if we can work out something better for that schedule and see how we can make improvements. Don’t feel like you’ve haven’t been heard, but we’re not quite ready to announce specifics just yet.”

Despite launching around seven months after its console counterparts, the PC version of Monster Hunter: World has proved to be the second most popular edition of the game. Capcom didn't say what the least popular platform was, but I think we can be pretty sure it was Xbox One. That's a good reason to keep supporting PC and shrink the gulf between releases. 

"We know PC players want it as soon as possible," said Tsujimoto, "and we’re trying to minimize that gap.”