Cancelled Avengers FPS could've been great

Yesterday Reddit spotted some footage from the cancelled Avengers movie tie in, and it looks like it could have been something very special. The game, which was being worked on by THQ Studio Australia before closure, was a first person shooter/brawler with co-op features. So you could've been punching Skrulls till they explode as The Hulk, while your buddy soars through the skies as Iron Man, blowing up enemies from afar.

Also on show is the infamous Super-Skrull who can imitate the powers of superheroes, and looks like an amazing enemy to fight. In one scene he combines with Wolverine's claws and Cyclops' eye beams, while in another he manifests the powers of the Fantastic Four.

The game looks like it could've been fantastic fun; it's a real shame it'll never see the light of day.