Can you escape Resident Evil's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Halloween dungeon?

(Image credit: Capcom)

Game companies are doing all sorts of fun and interesting things to mark the coming of Halloween. Destiny 2 is bringing back the Festival of the Lost, for instance, while Team Fortress 2 is now Scream Fortress 11, and Agent 47 is wearing a pumpkin on his head. There are some sales, too.

And then there is Capcom, which is currently running a Resident Evil "Escape For Halloween" game, playable in your browser. It seems that you were kidnapped on the way to a Halloween party—oh no!—and then dropped into the deadly Umbrella Project maze, and now you have to make your way out in what is essentially a digital "Choose Your Own Adventure" game.

Your reward for busting out is a retweet from the official Capcom Dev 1 Twitter account, acknowledging your accomplishment and sharing it with the world. The catch is that it's infuriatingly difficult to do, because as far as I can tell there's no rhyme or reason to any of it. Do you destroy the security camera, try to sneak past, or make a run for it? There's nothing to hint at which path is the correct one to take (that I can figure out, anyway), and some of the outcomes are apparently randomized: One time I tried to sneak past a trap and it blew me to bits, so the second time around I shot it—and it blew me to bits.

I'll be honest, I don't think I have the patience to make it to this year's Halloween party. On my best run I made it six steps in, which according to USgamer is two-thirds of the way to the end. If this was Control, or maybe Bard's Tale 4, I might consider trying to power my way through, but I'm just not enough of a Resident Evil fan to keep it up. You win, Capcom.

I didn't want your dumb retweet anyway.

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