Call of Duty: WWII's custom emblem tools are too powerful for this world

This is the face of a man that's about to have some fun.

Over the launch weekend, Call of Duty: WWII's meta took a hard turn. Players are now using excellent custom emblems to claim victory over their opponents no matter the score, because what does losing matter if you look good doing it?

WWII's emblem creator apparently has more going on than someone as boring as me could imagine. Using the decals, resizing tools, and tons of layers, players are coming up with some ridiculous stuff, from their favorite food brands to accurate recreations of their grandfather's military emblems. Here's a glimpse at the best we've found so far, but if we're missing something special, go ahead and share it with us in the comments. 

[Note: The emblem maker isn't available on PC yet, so consider this selection as inspiration for what I'm sure will be far nicer tiny square pictures.]

8th Air Force homage

Reddit user ZombieLenBias made this emblem as an homage to his grandfather, who served in the 479th Fighter Group in the 8th Air Force. Nearly perfect. 

Pigeon perfect

In remembrance of all the hard working birbs out there, flying high in the sky and hanging out on telephone wires and such, Reddit user box77 made this colorful honorary


Is Chelsea the monster on the emblem? Why are they part of a football club? I sent the link to our UK team for translation. Until then, this lovely looking symbol remains a mystery. 

A bit cheesy

Doritos are an American pastime, so what better way to immortalize a very popular brand than by recreating it within a competitive game set during WWII

Irony is dead. Anyway, here's the Mighty Ducks logo.

'90s kids only!

Remember that movie? Here's an emblem made to look like the thing from the movie. Only '90s kids will remember that movie. If you weren't born in the '90s, you won't remember the movie. You'd have to be born in the '90s to remember. 

Seeing S.T.A.R.S.

Raccoon City. Why is it called that? Is there a place in the US named after squirrels? Oh well, here's a nice interpretation of a police department's logo from the fictional town that got nuked to hell. I'm pretty sure it got nuked. But I'm glad Leon got out. He looks cool in his tactical gear, and without his over-the-shoulder spin kicks, third person games would have been forgotten.

5th Marine Division

Alright, let's get another real world shoulder patch up in here. Reddit user eag424 made this recreation of the 5th Marine Division's patch from WWII, and it looks quite cool. Is that a spear and the letter V? Tip of the spear? Vanguard? That said, the spear makes it look like a W too, which I'll just say stands for 'Wow' because this is a nice looking emblem. 

Teacup man

It's Cuphead's head! Reddit user xTheFatJesus nailed the look of the cartoon cup person, but I'm concerned about where his body went off to. Thinking about the emblem at all has me imagining Cuphead's anatomy, like does he bleed? Does he have guts? Can you just peek at his brain over the lip there? Best not to linger on such thoughts. They'll drive a man to the brink.


Heh, fooled you, didn't I? That wasn't a real error message at all. It was actually a heading I wrote to imitate a real error message. So it goes for Reddit user joshshoewah's playful jab at the server troubles some players have reported over the weekend. He's channeled his frustrations into an emblem that looks like an error message, but is actually just an emblem he made to look like an error message.

The blue guy from the old man and kid cartoon

Reddit user IamMclovin made this cute portrait of Mr. Meeseeks, a character from Rick and Morty that is summoned into existence for an explicit purpose, then snaps out of existence once they complete their goal. They almost mirror the lives of my digital avatars in Call of Duty games: born to die. 

This has been nice

As the sun sets on this emblem showcase, it also sets in this emblem where the sun is setting. And also in our hearts, because we had a lot of fun here today.

Thanks princeapalia, we needed this. 

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