Call of Duty: Warzone event part 2 throws players into the new map with a bang

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After the Destruction of Verdansk event that ended with Call of Duty: Warzone's entire map getting nuked, today's Part 2 event introduces the new map by turning back Warzone's clock.

Goodbye Verdansk, hello Verdansk '84.

The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2 event (which many players were locked out of due to server capacity) began with a brief return to Rebirth Island, set 15 minutes before Part 1. The only objective was to secure a nuclear device and hold onto it while other teams fought to take it. It was basically a high-stakes version of hot potato: whichever team was holding the nuclear device once it was fully charged was able to launch the nukes and destroy Verdansk themselves.

Source: TimTheTatman on Twitch

I was stuck in a server queue, but I watched as streamer TimTheTatman's squad successfully held onto the device until the very end. Once the nukes went off, the screen cut to black and played a cutscene that saw time literally rewind. Then, without interruption, players were thrown directly into Warzone's new map: Verdansk '84.

We got a sneak preview (hands-off) of Verdansk '84 last week and pointed out some of the biggest changes to look out for on the revamped map. It's still Verdansk in spirit, but every corner of the massive region was been retouched in one way or another. We also learned that, following the events of this week, players will never again visit present-day Verdansk.

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