Call of Duty: Warzone adds then immediately removes useful loadout feature

Warzone Season 4
(Image credit: Activision)

Raven Software has pulled Call of Duty: Warzone's new handy loadout feature thanks to a few pesky bugs.

The pre-game lobby loadout option was added earlier this week, letting you sort out your custom weapon loadouts before jumping into a match. It meant when loadout crates dropped during a match, you'd automatically be fitted with the custom loadout you sorted in the pre-game lobby, saving yourself some precious time from faffing with it mid-game (thanks, Eurogamer).

It's easily one of the better features Warzone has implemented recently, but it's brought a multitude of game-changing exploits along with it. It's caused players to be able to spawn into a game with their loadouts already equipped, as well as being able to return from the gulag with all their fighting gear intact. It's also managed to allow players to gain unlimited Dead Silence, which masks your footsteps and gives a small speed boost. It's a top-tier field upgrade in the game, so having unlimited access to it is, understandably, a little cheesy.

It's prompted Raven to remove pre-game lobby loadouts for now, tweeting last night that "players will no longer begin a match with their Loadouts," with the update also fixing "an issue with infinite Dead Silence in core BR modes." The studio says it'll re-enable the feature "at a later date," whenever that may be.

This isn't Warzone's first rodeo with exploits, with this year alone giving Raven tons of trouble with game-breaking issues. We've had players glitching underneath Verdansk to rack up kills, the return of the irritating invisibility bug, weirdly murderous doors and the infamous infinite stim glitch.

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