Call of Duty subscriptions on the Activision menu

MW2 Stimulus Pack

When the Wall Street Journal asked Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, what he'd do for his company if he had a magical genie-type wish, he said, "I would have Call of Duty be an online subscription service tomorrow."

Interesting choice of words! Kotick clearly has the best interests of the board of investors at heart. He didn't say 'I'd make a Call of Duty MMO,' which would probably be great, but essentially 'I'd like infinity dollars please.' He turns it around pretty quickly, jumping right into how he thinks it would please consumers: "I think our audiences are clamoring for it. If you look at what they're playing on Xbox Live today, we've had 1.7 billion hours of multiplayer play on Live. I think we could do a lot more to really satisfy the interests of the customers." Yeah, like charging them for each of those hours. Think of the money! Uh, customer satisfaction!

[ Wall Street Journal via The Escapist ]