Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer declares that the ultimate weapon is 'team'

The marketing train for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been activated in full force. Activision premiered a "world reveal" trailer this morning that finally gives us a glimpse at Modern Warfare 2's campaign and characters, including brief snippets of gameplay.

And by brief, I mean very brief. There's a shot of the player hanging upside down while shooting a pistol in a very Call of Duty fashion. It looks like those rumors that the campaign would partially take place in Colombia were spot-on.

For longtime CoD fans, you may be excited to see some familiar faces from the old Modern Warfare games return for reboot series, which will tell a whole new story from the 2009 original . Soap MacTavish, the protagonist of Call of Duty 4, has reunited with Captain Price after getting shot dead in the old series. Ghost, the guy with a skull mask from the original MW2 who became a CoD favorite after getting shot in the head and cremated, is back for this alternate timeline Modern Warfare 2.

But all of the explosions and shots of tough guys holding guns left my brain the moment I read the tagline shown at the end of the MW2 trailer: "The Ultimate Weapon Is Team."

I'm not sure that rolls off the tongue as well as Activision is hoping. It's an awkward phrase, partially because on my first read I expected it to say "teamwork." That'd make more sense, right? Teamwork makes the dream work. Just saying "team" sounds like it's supposed to be an acronym (Tactical Experts And More?). And if it's not, it reads like a typo that I would make in an article like this. I suppose Apple did get away with "think different" for several years.

Anyways, Modern Warfare 2 is out October 28 and, for the first time in years, it's coming to Steam. Somewhat surprisingly, its base price will be $70, reflecting a new standard that has primarily been taking hold on consoles until now.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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