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Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser point to new extra-terrestrial mode, leaked images suggest "Extinction"

If aliens do ever attack the planet, let's hope that their arrival will be pre-empted by a more official source than Instagram. Call of Duty: Ghosts is teasing cryptic extra-terrestrial activity through the image sharing site, with a video posted to an official account showing its skeletal mask shifting into an alien apparition. Leaked images appear to clarify the announcement, showing an "Extinction" game type that would appear to be a chitinous variant of past games' co-op Zombies mode.

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The leaked photos show menus, loading screens, UI elements, challenges and the occasional xeno corpse. Right now, their veracity is unconfirmed - and so the news should be taken with handfuls of salt - but a new version of the popular co-op mode would make sense. At least, it would make as much sense as anything involving hordes of zombies or aliens can.

We'll find out for sure on the 5th November, when CoD: Ghosts is released. Or probably before, when the inevitable reveal trailer is released.

Update : Looks like Extinction is what we suspected it to be. Instead of zombies this time, its quadrupedal aliens that jump on your base defense equipment. Watch the trailer below.

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