Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation trailer and screens arrive

A new trailer and a bunch of screens have arrived for Call of Duty: Black Ops, showing off the five new maps that will make up the Escalation map pack. Most of the focus is on the four new multiplayer maps. Details of the spooky zombie mode map will be revealed later. You'll find all of the new screens below.

While abandoned Russian zoo provides to most imaginative location, with its broken monorail and empty paddocks, Stockpile sounds like the most interesting map to play. Switches in the level give players control over the blast doors on the central building. Organised players should be able to dig in to mount a map-winning defense.

Fans of being shot in the head by an unseen man sitting miles away will be glad to hear about all the sniper points Treyarch are adding to the new maps. In Casino, elevators will ferry snipers up to high windows overlooking the exposed central areas below. Better get practicing with those 4x scopes. The map pack is set to come out on the Xbox 360 on May 5. The PC date hasn't been announced, but if it follows the same pattern as the First Strike map pack we should expect it in June.

Tom Senior

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