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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC trailer expects you'll be playing it a lot, suggests a way to help

What to do when your making a trailer for a DLC collection of maps (and a gun)? Well, the obvious thing would be to tour the new maps, giving players a chance to preview the various chokepoints and hidey-holes. The makers of this Black Ops 2: Revolution trailer decided not to do that. Instead they got Prison Break's Peter Stormare to do, well, this .

In fairness, Treyarch have already provided a fairly detailed overview of the Revolution pack, which will include floods, gondolas, an M.C. Escher-styled building, and a new mode that lets you play as the zombies.

Black Ops 2: Revolution only has an Xbox 360 launch date so far, with the PC version due sometime after that January 29 release.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage
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