Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare update expected later this week

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 2014 1920x1080

Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey says a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare patch is on the way that will implement changes to weapon balance, fix max exploits, and make a number of other optimizations and updates.

The word comes from Condrey's Twitter feed, where he recently wrote, "#AdvancedWarfare TU @X1/PS4 +PC Stay tuned for notes incl weapon balancing, ranked play updates, map exploits & spawn fixes, optimizations +". It's a bit squished, but such is life when you're working with a 140 character limit. Condrey explained in a later tweet that the update is expected before the weekend—that would be the one beginning on December 6.

This will be the second Advanced Warfare update to come out; the first arrived a few weeks ago and focused on more fundamental technical issues, including problems with connectivity and Prestige. Sledgehammer also recently confirmed that the first DLC bundle for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, entitled Havoc, will include zombies in power armor.

Andy Chalk

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