Bungie says Destiny 2 clan chat is 'one of our highest priorities'

I've been sinking quite a bit of time into Destiny 2, as you do, and really enjoying it overall. But I find it endlessly annoying that it's so tremendously difficult to communicate with anyone. I am literally surrounded by other players, and all I can do is The Macarena. Even connecting with clanmates is an unnecessary hassle. 

That will hopefully change in the not-too-distant future, however, as social designers M.E. Chung and Steve Dolan said in the latest "This Week At Bungie" update that they want better communications options in the game too. "Getting clan chat into the game is one of our highest priorities, and we hope we can get it into a release as soon as possible," Chung said. Dolan added that Bungie is looking at Tower and zone chat options as well, "but we have to prioritize it against all other asks." 

"We can do a waaaaayyyyyy better job in the game to encourage players to communicate, like making more obvious public/team channels and a good time to enter (i.e., NOT when the player gains control when boots are on the ground), or letting players know about chat setting defaults up front when you start the game, or letting you know when someone is trying to whisper you, etc.," Chung said. "These are the kinds of things we have on our backlogs, but again, everything is prioritized against all other asks." 

Bungie is also trying to incorporate an emote wheel "as soon as possible," so players can properly wave or salute at their fellow fighters instead of throwing an accidental crotch-chop. 

The update also touches on the first Clarion Call, beginning on November 17, which will award double experience for everything done with a clanmate in your fireteam, issues with Guided Games, and changes to the ritual reset schedule. There's also some advice for PC players who are still experiencing hitching following the hotfix

  • Ensure you have installed the latest Windows updates
  • Ensure you have the latest graphics drivers available for your GPU
  • Attempt running Destiny 2 in true Fullscreen mode
  • Set clock speeds for hardware, including memory, to manufacturer-recommended defaults

And for "general gameplay crashes":

  • Ensure you have the latest graphics drivers available for your GPU. (Note: AMD Vega and AMD R9 380 GPU’s have been reported frequently to the #Help forums.)
  • Set clock speeds for hardware, including memory, to manufacturer-recommended defaults.
  • Some anti-virus programs may interfere with Destiny 2. Please consider temporarily disabling the program to see if this resolves your issues. If so, please report your findings to the #Help forum.
  • If you are receiving a “Run a scan and repair” error when crashing, yet seeing no improvements after doing so, attempt installing Destiny 2 to an alternate hard drive if available.

Bungie is also chasing down reports of problems encountered at the Third Spire during Trials events; for now, if you're running into grief you can work around it by using vsync settings (or manually editing the cvars.xml file) to keep your framerate under 100.

Andy Chalk

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