Log into Destiny 2 on Battle.net to transfer your Silver before Shadowkeep

How to do Destiny 2 cross save
(Image credit: Bungie)

Update: Note that Bungie mentions that you have to log in to Destiny 2 on Battle.net before Oct 1 for your claim any purchased silver.

Original story: The tectonic plates of Destiny 2 will soon shift, as the loot-shooter moves away from Battle.net to Steam as part of its transition to a free-to-play title. Ahead of the momentous, Hive-blitzing event, Bungie is reminding players to migrate their accounts between platforms to ensure they don’t lose Silver.

For those yet to be acquainted with Bungie’s grindy Guardians of the galaxy epic, Silver is the shooter’s paid-for, in-game currency. If you’ve ever bought Eververse cosmetic items in the past, it’s likely you have a few hundred sitting in your virtual bank. The migration move is part of a strategy that will finally see Destiny 2 support cross-platform saves. 

With the big Steam shift poised for Oct 1, Bungie is keen to remind players the need to transfer Silver. As long as you move your currency over before the start date, you won’t lose it—the account transfer also applies to any expansions you may have bought and cosmetic items. 

The account switch is synched up to match the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep—the latest expansion also launches on Oct 1. Hardcore Destiny fans will obviously already be on top of this, but if you’re a lapsed Guardian who’s intending to dip back into the new DLC, make sure you complete the one-time account transition process, which enables cross-save, while also bringing over any equipment you’ve acquired.

Complete the account transfer before Oct 1 to ensure you don’t lose currency and other items.