Bulletstorm studio is collaborating with Square Enix on a new project

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Correction: this article previously stated that People Can Fly is currently co-developing Fortnite with Epic Games. This is no longer the case.

People Can Fly, the Polish studio responsible for Bulletstorm and co-developing several Gears of War instalments, have a new project in the offing with Square Enix. The latter made the announcement today, and while no illuminating details were offered pertaining to the project, it was described as "a new high-end original title for console and PC."

Parties from both organisations provided statements, neither of which were revelatory: it may be some time before we hear what the game actually is. It'll be interesting to see what emerges though: People Can Fly have a lot of experience developing shooters, and if there's something that never gets boring in video games, it's shooting.

The last release proper the studio issued was Bulletstorm, which got a decent HD remaster a few weeks back. Tyler enjoyed it, despite the involvement of Duke Nukem.

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