Bulletstorm missing PC features

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A lack of customization options has been frustrating many players booting up Bulletstorm after its release in America earlier this week. A slim range of tweakable options is making it difficult for players to set up their game. Mouse smoothing is locked on, the maximum framerate is locked to 62fps and there are no field of view options. Fortunately, there are workarounds, but using them means hacking into the encrypted .ini files.

Default settings like auto aim and control changes can be made in the menus, but there are a few settings that aren't available. Ars Technica are on hand with fixes and workarounds to let players tweak the game. A program called the BulletStormINIeditor.exe will open up the .ini files for editing. There mouse smoothing can be turned off, and the framerate limiter can be removed for those with high power computers. Fortunately, some of the most irritating default features, like auto-aim, can be turned off in the game's menus, though if you want to navigate these menus with a mouse, you're out of luck.

Ars Technica asked People Can Fly why the graphical and mouse control options were encrypted in the first place. Creative director Adrian Chmielarz responded on Twitter saying that it that it was to stop players from "cheating on Echoes and Anarchy Leaderboards," adding that "possibly we should separate .ini files: some encrypted, some (visuals, mouse, etc.) open to rape. Oops I mean edit."

As an added bonus, once the .ini files are open, enemy behaviour can also be modified, letting you alter their accuracy, or their ability to notice you, opening up plenty of opportunity for some comedy fun, which is ultimately what Bulletstorm is all about. The game's out in Europe tomorrow, check out our Bulletstorm review for more details.

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