Bulletstorm disappears from Steam, Games for Windows Live a likely suspect


Games for Windows Live is dying , and few tears will be shed for its demise. But concern remains for what will happen to the GFWL titles that haven't shed it like a pustulent pimple by the July 1st death-day. Epic and People Can Fly's score-'em-up Bulletstorm is seemingly the latest victim in the service's final thrashings, as it's been removed from Steam (although is still available on Origin ) without word on a possible return.

Of course, we haven't heard if this removal links to GFWL's extinction at all, but the relation is rather likely. It wouldn't be the first Live-infected game to vanish from Steam. Codemaster's Fuel is also no-where to be seen.

Previous GFWL-ized games will need a separate service for properly operating multiplayer, and Bulletstorm's disappearing act could be a temporary event until its return sans the annoyingly silly Microsoft service. As the only GFWL game on EA's roster, though, it's also possible that the publisher is exploring an Origin-only online option.

Plenty of other games are awaiting hopeful remedy from the GFWL malady, including Dawn of War 2, Dark Souls and the Dragon Rising and Red River expansions for Operation Flashpoint. Joystiq has been keeping a list of all GFWL PC games and their status.

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Omri Petitte

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