Broken Age Act 2 has been funded, in case there was any doubt

Do Double Fine have all of the world's money , or none of the world's money , or just some of it? Perhaps it's time for a really tall person to hang Tim Schafer by his boots so we can see how much is in his pockets - either that or we keep an ear out for what the team are saying in interviews/Kickstarter updates/on the phone to their mums. In a chat with GamesIndustry International , Schafer has revealed that the studio has made enough money from sales of the first half of Broken Age to create its concluding chapter - which is good news, particularly for the people who thought they were funding the whole thing a couple of years ago . “We've made enough that we can make the second half of the game for sure,” Tim says in the above interview, confirming what I just wrote.

Schafer also explained in the interview how he coped from being propped up on a wave of Kickstarter support and positivity to being "dumped from that into this cold pool of Internet Twitter hate". (Referring to the confusing/poorly explained business of Double Fine funding Broken Age's second part with its first, and the resulting outrage.) He took notes from Paranormal Activity, obviously, by ignoring the demon (the demon in this case being Twitter) so it couldn't hurt him.

"The demon expert is like, 'Stop doing this. Stop paying attention to it. Stop filming it. The more you engage with this demon, the more you call it into this world.' Twitter haters are the same way. If you start to pay attention to them, the demon grows and gets bigger and starts to become real."

Hopefully he won't have to ignore any paranormal entities when it comes to Massive Chalice , their second successfully Kickstarted game, which is enjoying a more transparent update process in order to avoid the sort of miscommunication that creates #demons in the first place.

Thanks, GamesIndustry International .

Tom Sykes

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