Brighter Day is a colourful stealth horror game


Usually, horror games are dark. So dark that, with the continued popularity of the genre and the need to build upon what has gone before, we're probably only a few years until someone realises that the ultimate horror game would take place in a pitch-black room. Brighter Day is trying something different: light and colour.

A stealth game with elements of horror, Brighter Day is like if One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest exclusively starred floating eyeballs. You wake up in the Brighter Day facility, and must escape while avoiding patrols of the aforementioned eyeballs. If they spot you, they'll start bearing down on your location. You can either hide in a side room, or be caught and deal with the unsettling red swirl of failure.

Helping you are pills, which can be thrown as a distraction tactic. There's also a giant monolith, which seemingly hypnotises the eyes in place. It's a legitimate stealth game, and—as evidenced by my repeated deaths—pretty hard. It's made all the creepier thanks to the sound design, as you can hear for yourself via this trailer.

Brighter Day is currently available on, where you'll also find a demo. There's a Steam Greenlight page, too.

Phil Savage

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