Bossa releases free Worlds Adrift Island Creator

Worlds Adrift, the intriguing indie MMO backed by astounding new tech, now has a free island creation tool, offering you the opportunity to have a cloud island (a skyland?) featured in the final game.

In Worlds Adrift, you soar the skies in airships, blasting or befriending other sky pirates on your journeys between undiscovered floating islands. Now you might make landfall and find that, "Hey, I made this!".

Well, perhaps not—the sky will be practically limitless, with new islands drawn from the queue as necessary to maintain population density. But someone, somewhere might find your island and appreciate its unique charm amid its procedurally generated fellows.


Bossa has put together a tutorial video, and as modding kits go, the Island Creator is pretty lavish. Certainly it's user-friendly, and you can jump into character and explore your island as you would in the finished game before uploading it to the Steam Workshop.

If you're in need of more inspiration, Bossa will be streaming an island creation masterclass from 5pm-7pm BST (9am-11am PT).