Borderlands 3's final character trailer introduces FL4K and his pets

Gearbox has saved Borderlands 3's robo-beastmaster FL4K for its fourth and final character trailer, which you can check out above. Even if you're playing alone, you'll still have some pals thanks to FL4K's loyal pets, each connected to one of his skill trees. 

The Hunter tree gives you a spiderant centurion, which spits acid and conveniently comes with a prosthetic drill arm. The whole time it's out, FL4K regenerates health, and you can summon a handy rakk swarm, too. The Master tree comes with a skag pet that can be teleported to enemies, at which point it creates a burst of radiation. Finally, the Stalker tree gives you a jabber sidekick to look after, which comes with its own gun and makes you faster. 

Check out FL4K's full skill tree here

I'm rather partial to pet classes, so FL4K is definitely the character I'm gravitating towards most right now, though I also felt that way about both Amara and Moze, so I guess I'm just indecisive. Take a gander at their skill trees

You'd never know it was voice actor SungWon Cho lending his pipes to FL4K, and I confess I'm a tiny bit disappointed he doesn't sound more like Archibald. 

Fraser Brown
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