Borderlands 2 bug resets Badass Rank to zero

A bug affecting all versions of Borderlands 2 has been resetting players' account-wide Badass Rank to zero and wiping associated bonuses, including unlocked skins and upgrades.

The issue is "fairly rare" according to Gearbox Community Manager Chris Faylor and the developers are working on a resolution.

An unfortunate aspect of the bug is that it leaves the game's various challenges marked as complete - making it impossible re-earn your Badass Rank the long way. If you've been affected, the only thing you can do at the moment is wait for an official fix, though the community has been mulling over a range of potential causes and ways to avoid the problem in this thread on the Gearbox forums.

Speedrunner Matt 'BLiTZ' Siegfried was the first in the world to reach level 50 in Borderlands 2, as we reported yesterday - smashing into the level cap in a bug-free 43 hours, 15 minutes and 23 seconds. Check out our Borderlands 2 review for Tom's verdict on the game.

Thanks to Kotaku for the tip-off.

Chris Thursten

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