Bomber Crew is free until Saturday in the Humble Store Winter Sale

Bomber Crew
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The coming of winter brings many things: Cold, snow, treacherous driving, darkness before suppertime, and—getting to the point—videogame sales. With the traditional holiday says now wrapped up, the Humble Store has kicked off the next round of seasonal discount events with the start of its annual Winter Sale.

Along with the usual solid selection of deals, the Humble Store is also giving a game away for the first two days of the sale: Bomber Crew, which you can pick up until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on January 16. It's something like FTL, but set in the Second World War: You have to manage the crew of a bomber conducting raids over Europe, keeping your plane and your people alive and intact in the face of deadly odds.

It's not as grim as it sounds: "Bomber Crew also refuses to take itself too seriously, even while it’s finding new ways to blast me out the air. Its cartoonish style and bubble-headed bombardiers remind you that this is in no way a simulation, even if there is a reasonably authentic representation of damage and a plane's interconnected systems," we wrote in our 2017 preview. "There’s little attempt to model realistic physics or flight models and the miniature map of Europe exists to get you into the action as soon as possible, meaning you can cross the channel in a heartbeat and be eating flak before breakfast."

And, since it is a sale, here are a few deals to get things started:

The Humble Winter Sale runs until January 28.

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