Blue Yeti microphone is on sale for $70

For most people, the best microphone for streaming and gaming is the Blue Yeti, from a bang-for-buck standpoint. It can usually be found for around $100 and is worth every penny. Right now, however, you can snag one for just $69.99.

BuyDig is offering one of our favorite mics on sale with coupon code APRIL1. Instead of entering it at checkout, just 'clip' (click on the coupon on the product page), and it will add the mic to your cart at the reduced rate.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone | Black | $69.99 (save $49.01)
For gaming and streaming, this is the best mic for most people. It offers fantastic audio quality with multiple polar patterns, and is very easy to setup and use. Buy at BuyDig

The Blue Yeti is a USB mic. It's easy to setup and use, it's versatile, and the the sound quality is much better than what you'll get out of most mics that come attached to a headset.

In addition to being offered at this price in black, you can also nab it in 'steel red' and 'midnight blue' for the same price.

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