Blizzcon 2013 'virtual ticket' now on sale, grants HD stream access to the event

If you were hoping to go Blizzcon 2013, well, you're a bit late. The annual event, which kicks off on November 8th, sold out within seconds of its tickets going on sale. For those missing out, though, Blizzard have announced a " virtual ticket ", letting you enjoy the sights and sounds of their mammoth convention, without having to endure the smells. Purchase of the pass grants access to two exclusive HD streams, covering both days of the show.

Here's what the digital pass will be firing into your face:

  • "Developer Panels: Get the latest news and behind-the-scenes insight into your favorite Blizzard games—straight from the people who make them."

  • "Exclusive Interviews: Dig deeper into the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo universes through exclusive interviews with Blizzard developers."

  • "Community Contests: Witness the spectacle of the legendary BlizzCon Costume Contest and the new-for-2013 Talent Contest, both hosted by comedian and BlizzCon veteran Jay Mohr."

  • "Closing Ceremony: Be a part of the closing festivities on Saturday night, capping off two full days of Blizzard gaming and eSports action (more details to be announced later)."

  • "On-Demand Replays: Rewatch epic moments with the Virtual Ticket's DVR functionality, and catch content you might have missed for up to two weeks after the show's over."

A virtual ticket purchase also guarantees you the exclusive in-game bonuses planned for attendees, including as-yet unrevealed bits for World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Hearthstone.

For more details, pop over to the virtual ticket page , where it's available for £24.99, €29.99, or $39.99.

Phil Savage

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