Blizzard warns against fake Overwatch beta keys

Overwatch Junkrat and Roadhog

With the Overwatch closed beta now underway, Blizzard has a word of caution for those of you who have not yet been admitted into "I get to play Overwatch!" club: Beware the allure of false beta keys! Because as it turns out, in this case all beta keys are false.

In a separate tweet posted yesterday, Blizzard Customer Service explained that everything related to Overwatch beta access will be handled internally. "Accounts will be flagged from our end & emails will be sent to players who have access to the beta letting them know," it wrote.

There's no mention in either timeline of any particular beta key scam, but a quick search reveals several sites and at least one Facebook page (sorry, no linking to jerks) that promise to either deliver keys or explain how to get them. One site requires that a tool, either online or downloadable, be run to generate the key, which of course I would strongly—very strongly—urge you not to do.

For a spot of legitimate Overwatch news, lay your eyes on the beta system requirements that were released today, and don't miss Tom's hands-on from earlier this month.

Thanks, Gameranx.

Andy Chalk

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