Blizzard shows off Heroes of the Storm 'Eternal Conflict' content

Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict

Blizzard has released a new teaser showing off some of the skins, mounts, and abilities that will be included in the Eternal Conflict content update to Heroes of the Storm.

The video isn't a comprehensive breakdown of what's coming—Blizzard calls it "a sneak peek at a ton of new content" that's coming to the game—but it does provide a look at The Butcher and King Leoric in various guises, along with the Archangel Diablo and Novazon Nova skins and abilities, Tyrael's Charger Mount, and The Butcher's Battle Beast. I honestly had no idea The Butcher had his own custom ride.

We (which is to say, Sean "Day9" Plott) took a closer look at what's coming in the Eternal Conflict update during his conversation with Blizzard's Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder during the PC Gaming Show at E3. Catch it here.

Andy Chalk

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