Blizzard registers "Project Blackstone" domain

Blizzard Entertainment has registered the domain name , effective November 26. It's fairly common to hear about this sort of thing with Blizzard. Going all the way back to World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade expansion, we've been teased with the titles of their unreleased products courtesy of... whoever it is that spies on domain registries. In this case, we got the tip from fan site Titan Focus , which is dedicated to Blizzard's upcoming franchise-launch currently known internally as Titan.

Speculation, ho!

My initial reaction to the name "Blackstone" is that it must something to do with the first Diablo 3 expansion . The Black Soulstone, the ultimate MacGuffin in the Diablo universe, is after all still on the lam as of the end of Diablo 3's main story.

The other possibility is that Project Blackstone is actually another name for the mysterious Titan , or an ARG or entity related to it. I admit that I'm stretching a little here, but "Blackstone" is evocative of a modern or Victorian supernatural horror universe, the most prominent realm of sci-fi/fantasy that Blizzard hasn't tackled yet. Still, as Titan Focus points out, it seems strange that Blizzard would give two codenames to the same project. And Project Blackstone certainly doesn't sound like a final title. Blizzard is known for its "Craft" franchises, with the only exception (Diablo) having come out of the now-defunct Blizzard North. I would be surprised if Titan's final title isn't (Something)Craft. So this could be something completely new that we haven't heard a peep about yet.

What say you, intrepid community?