Blizzard is giving away Hearthstone card packs to mark the launch of gifting

The new social features, which were announced earlier this month, including Blizzard Groups, user profiles and avatar, and the ability to appear offline, are now live. Along with all that handy goodness is a feature we haven't heard about previously, "Gifting," which enables players to purchase and send in-game goodies to their friends. To encourage people to give it a look, Blizzard is giving out free a Hearthstone Classic card pack to everyone who logs into the new Gifts page prior to December 31. 

To give a gift, pop over to the shop, choose the item you want to send, and then instead of clicking "Buy Now," select "Gift." From there, you'll be prompted to select the recipient from your friends list and add a message, after which you'll check out as normal. If you're fortunate enough to have someone send you a gift, a notification will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the client. Click it! Then click "Claim" in the pop-up window. 

Speaking of free Hearthstone cards, don't forget that you can pick up a free Whispers of the Old Gods pack (and another one the following week, plus two Arena tickets) for logging into the Hallow's End event between October 24 and October 30, and a Golden Classic pack for subscribing to Twitch Prime between November and January.   

Andy Chalk

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