Blizzard cut 'Path of the Titans', guild talents from Catacylsm

Remember those lovely guild talent trees - the fun perks that guild leaders could choose when they levelled up? Or the Paths of the Titans , the progression and character customisation system that was meant to apply to players beyond World of Warcraft's level cap? Well they're gone. Kaput. No more.

At the Blizzard headquarters in Irvine, California, Blizzard lead designer Tom Chilton explained to PC Gamer that the "Path of the Titans was adding complexity without adding depth" and that it has been cut from the Cataclysm expansion. Now, it's gone from the game. Instead, the customisation it was planned to offer has been added to the current glyph system - in Cataclysm players will be able to choose major, medium and minor glyphs, each offering game changing, skill customisation, or cosmetic effects.

Meanwhile, the guild talent tree has been entirely overhauled. Now, levelling offers a purely linear series of 25 perks. The guild perks match those shown at Blizzcon, including Mass Resurrection, Group Teleport, and reduced repair costs, but guild leaders will not pick and choose from what's available.

We'll have much more from Cataclysm, including brand new screens and interviews, in the forthcoming issues of PC Gamer UK and US.