Blizzard awarded Guinness World Record for largest gaming diorama

One of our favorite surprises at Blizzcon this year is a massive diorama depicting an epic battle between the Alliance and the Horde. The "Battle for Lordaeron" is a recreation of the jaw-dropping conflict from the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth intro cinematic.

In the cinematic we see the Alliance gathered to lay siege on the Undercity, formerly the Human capital of Lordaeron. Led by the young King Anduin Wrynn, the Alliance seek revenge for Sylvanas' betrayal which earlier led to the death of their former king.

Blizzard recreated the assault with over 10,000 miniature models depicting characters from each side. You can even find the faction leaders if you look hard enough. But the truly impressive feat here is the fact that every single Horde and Alliance character shown is actually a replica of Blizzcon attendees' World of Warcraft toons.

Using the Blizzcon app, attendees are even able to locate their characters in the diorama. If you saw it in person, it'd come as no surprise to see Blizzard awarded with the Guinness World Record for the largest videogame diorama.

The official plaque from Guinness.

The official plaque from Guinness.