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Blacks Ops 2 DLC details spotted

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 multiplayer

Some scant early details of the first Black Ops 2 DLC have been divulged in the form of a retail display poster. Spotted by Reddit , the poster rounds up the contents for the as yet undated "Revolution" content pack. So, will it be the standard collection of maps, or will it do what the title suggests and add something more unexpected? Place your bets now...

Ah, you were wrong! It's new maps and a gun. Viva la revolution!

Maps include the zombie-killing Die Rise - a name I highly approve of - as well as the standard human-killing maps, Hydro, Downhill, Mirage and Grind. Grind? Surely they're just asking for multiplayer progression jokes.

The new gun will be the Peacekeeper SMG. Keep in mind that in war, "peacekeeping" means killing everyone who isn't at peace with you.

Still no word on the date or price, but the poster does show that the standard Call of Duty practice of timed Xbox exclusivity will apply. What was that about revolution?

Phil Savage
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