Blacklight: Retribution devs Zombie Studios to close after 21 years

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Blacklight 2 Announced

Blacklight: Retribution and Spec Ops developers Zombie Studios will close, the company announced today. Founded in 1994, the Seattle-based studio made the announcement on the official Zombie Studios website, but it doesn't spell the end for free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution. That will fall into the hands of newly formed studio Builder Box, which is helmed by the former Director of Production and Technical Director of Zombie Studios.

"The owners of Zombie Studios are retiring and wish to thank you, our fans, for the years of support you have provided us," the statement read. "It has been awesome working with all the various technology over the years, both hardware and software, growing with the industry and our fans, and producing fun games and technology of our own."

In a statement on the studio's Facebook page, Builder Box promised it would continue to grow the Blacklight universe. "While ownership of the game has changed, the people behind the scenes who have been constantly contributing to the Blacklight universe for the last four years remains intact. Builder Box will be working with Perfect World so that, as a fan, you can look forward to more updates and exciting changes in the coming year."

In addition to Blacklight, Spec Ops and Daylight, Zombie Studios also worked on a military simulator for the US Army.

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