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Black Ops 2 gets cosmetic microtransactions, free Nuketown 2025 on April 12

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's "Micro Items" - cosmetic item microtransactions - are due to be added into the game on April 12th, according to Activision blog One of Swords . The personalisation packs, already available for Xbox 360 players, let you apply a variety of gaudy skins to your weapons. Nine packs will be available, letting you slather your guns with everything from graffiti, to dollar bills, to bacon. Bacon? Surely the grease is just going to clog up the firing mechanism.

Also planned is an Extra Slots Pack, which increases the number of Create-a-Class slots, and "Flags of the World Calling Cards" packs - regional collections of national flags. Each pack currently costs between 80 and 160 Microsoft Nonsense Points. That's about £0.68 to £1.36, although its not yet been announced what that will translate to when run through Activision's currency converter.

Nuketown 2025 is also being released for free on the same date, with Treyarch planning to add the map into standard multiplayer rotation "eventually".

Thanks, Polygon .

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