BioWare contest offering a chance to voice a Mass Effect character

Beginning today and running until September 28, BioWare is giving Mass Effect fans a chance to act a character's voice in “an upcoming Mass Effect videogame.” All you need to do is download one of two scripts, record and upload your best vocal effort, and then mail them a link. Boom, done. 

Oh, but there are a few rules and restrictions. The contest is only open to residents of the US, Canada (excluding Quebec), the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, who are of the relevant legal age in their home region. You also get one entry, and one entry only, your recording must be in English, and while it can be in either audio or video format, it must not exceed 10MB in size. Your entry must include your birthdate and country of residence in the body, and “Explorers Wanted Contest” in the subject line.   

If you happen to win this thing, you'll be put up in Edmonton, Los Angeles, or London for two nights and three days, during which time you'll take part in a professional voice recording session at a BioWare studio. There's no guarantee that your voice will be used, or, if it is used, which game it will end up in—hence the “upcoming Mass Effect videogame” reference in the rules, rather than the more specific (and obvious) “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” The timing is a bit of a crunch, too: You'll need to take your trip before the end of the year, or you'll lose it.   

And that's it! Good luck, have fun, as the kids like to say. Relevant links, full contest rules (which you really should have a look at if you're planning to enter) and other bits of useful information are available from BioWare.

Andy Chalk

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