BioShock Infinite, XCOM and more turn up in the Humble 2K Bundle

16 bioshock infinite

2K Games has teamed up with the Humble Bundle folks to offer some outstanding games (and, yes, one or two rather average ones) on the serious cheap.

As Humble Bundles go, this is a good one, and you know the drill: Pay what you want, as little as a dollar (and I certainly hope you pay more than that), for BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and The Darkness II ; beat the average price, currently sitting at a little over $5, to add BioShock 2 , Mafia II and Spec Ops: The Line ; and fork over $20 or more and get XCOM: Enemy Unknown and BioShock Infinite on top of everything else. The "and more" bit is literal, too: More games will be added to the bundle on July 15 and automatically given to anyone who pays more than the average at the time of purchase.

As usual, the money is divided up between 2K, charity—Action Against Hunger and the American Red Cross this time around—and the Humble guys. All the games are redeemable on Steam (BioShock is also available in a DRM-free version) and while it's not necessarily the freshest batch of releases ever, it's a fantastic way to pick up just about any one of them that you might have missed. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified may not have set the world on fire, but how can you go wrong for a fiver?

The Humble 2K Bundle is live now and runs until 11:00 am PDT on July 22.

Andy Chalk

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