Battlefield 1's first DLC revealed: four maps, two vehicles, and a new mode

The first Battlefield 1 DLC, They Shall Not Pass, releases in March, and today EA revealed exactly what'll be in it. The biggest deal are the new maps, of which there will be four: Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture (see details on each at the bottom of this article). 

A new mode, Frontlines, will see "both teams fight for one flag at a time." When one team captures the flag, the focus moves onto the next capture point as they push further into enemy territory. When one team makes it all the way to the other's HQ, "the game turns into a Rush-style section where telegraph posts need to be attacked or defended." It sounds like Frontlines, unlike Operations, could create the opportunity for lengthy, back-and-forth battles for attrition over a single area.

Along with the French army—the absence of which in the base game caused some dissatisfaction—come two new French vehicles: a behemoth, the Char 2C tank, and the Assault Tank Gun, the "most heavily armed allied tank of the war."

The new behemoth, the Char 2C.

Finally, the DLC adds the Trench Raider Elite Class, pictured at the top of this article with some nice Shutter Shades, and a new stationary weapon, the Siege Howitzer. You can see all the details and screenshots in the official announcement post, and I've copied the new map screenshots and descriptions below.

There's still no firm release date for They Shall Not Pass outside of 'March 2017,' though we know that owners of the Premium Pass will get two weeks early access to all DLC. The Ultimate Edition, which includes the pass, is on sale right now for just $97.48. How generous. The Standard Edition is a much more reasonable $36 at the moment, but it costs $50 to add on the Premium Pass, bringing the total to $86. (Correction: I previously implied the Ultimate Edition was the only edition to include two weeks early DLC access, but the add-on Premium Pass does also.) The individual pricing for the DLC hasn't been announced, but I expect it'll be around $15 each. On to the new maps:

Verdun Heights

"The opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun created massive forest fires in which players will fight for domination. This is an uphill battle towards the massive fortresses of Verdun. A constant grinding struggle where the artillery never stops. Where the forge and 'the Devil’s Anvil' continues to consume even the bravest combatants."

Fort Vaux

"The first big engagement inside a fort during World War 1 takes place in the dark underworld of Fort Vaux. Down in the maze of dark galleries and wet stone corridors, French and Germans fight ferociously with grenades, guns, bayonets, and flamethrowers. Watch your corners!"


"Take part in one of the biggest tank assaults of World War 1. The French 10th Army moves to take back Soissons using their powerful Saint Chamond tanks. Planes, tanks, and infantry clash in the beautiful French countryside in the early hours of a hot summer day. Only the thunderstorm is louder than the war."


"In dire need to capture key bridges across the Aisne river, the French find themselves back into battlefields where poppies grow over a rusty wreck from previous tank battles. It might seem calm but this maze of steel beasts provides an excellent place for those who plan an ambush. As the sun sets over Fontenoy, the battle wakes up."

Tyler Wilde
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