Bethesda is 'looking into' adding text chat for Fallout 76

Based on player feedback from the Fallout 76 beta, Bethesda detailed a few changes it'll be adding to the game on Reddit yesterday. These changes include support for ultrawide resolutions, an increase in player stash weight limits, and a push-to-talk option. Missing from the post, however, was any mention of adding text chat, an important and completely standard feature for multiplayer PC games that players have been asking about since the PC beta began.

I sent an email to a Bethesda representative after seeing the Reddit post, and asked if they were planning to include text chat. I received a response this morning:

"We know players want more options to communicate with each other," Bethesda's response reads. "We’re committed to implementing push-to-talk and the team is currently looking into text chat."

That's not much to go on, but hopefully we'll get a more conclusive statement soon. For many players text chat is mostly about convenience or personal preference, but for players who are deaf or hard of hearing, being able to communicate with others using text is essential.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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