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Best Buy mixed up prices for RX 480 models

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Sometimes retailers slip up, and this time it was Best Buy's turn. AMD's new Radeon RX 480 launched today (opens in new tab), and it seems that a few lucky shoppers may have made off with a superior model on the cheap thanks to a pricing error.

When I took a look at this morning (opens in new tab), I found that the retailer had the 8GB RX 480 listed at $200, while the 4GB version was listed at $250. The clear mix-up (or unlikely surprise launch day deal) meant that the 8GB card sold out quickly. As of this writing, Best Buy still had the 4GB model in stock.

Like we've seen with the recent Nvidia Pascal launches, retailers are short on stock. As I write this, Newegg lists all of their RX 480 models—save one PowerColor 8GB model for $240 (opens in new tab)—as out of stock or sold out. Amazon doesn't have any RX 480 models listed yet. 

For our Canadian readers, it looks like NCIX is taking back-orders and pre-orders (opens in new tab) for the RX 480. I found RX 480 models at (opens in new tab) for around £220.

Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell
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