The Outer Worlds' launch trailer asks if you want to be the hero or the villain

"Some people want you to be a savior, a shining beacon of hope," a woman's voice intones as the new launch trailer for The Outer Worlds begins. "Those people clearly haven't met you yet." As she finishes, the grimy guitar chords of T. Rex's 20th Century Boy replace the orchestral score, and we're off to the races.

The trailer cuts between shots of colorful alien landscapes and stunning skies, switching up for the occasional critical strike or weapon closeup. The main idea is that you can build your character in The Outer Worlds however you want: Be a paragon of virtue or a complete bastard, be a brawler, sniper, or stealthy assassin.

Or, of course, you can be a Moon Man who sells soap.

"Remember, no matter what happens out here," your friend from the start reminds you, "it'll all be your fault."

The Outer Worlds launches on PC October 25 on the Epic Game Store and Microsoft Store. It'll be included in Xbox Game Pass for PC. Check the system requirements if you aren't sure whether your PC can run it.