Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions

Remember Bloodline Champions? You know, the 2011 free-to-play Dota-styled MOBA that Tom once said had a “steep learning curve and lack of starting characters” but also boasted “fun and frenzied arena battles.” Well its creators, Swedish outfit Stunlock Studios, have now released the first in-game footage of its “spiritual successor” - Battlerite. 

Heading to Early Access on September 20, Battlerite echoes its source material as “an action-packed Team Arena Brawler focused on highly competitive PvP combat,” so says its official blurb. In 2v2 and 3v3 battles, you’ll fight alongside teammates in bouts running up to 15 minutes, where you can “select rites to unlock powers to strategically customize your playstyle.”

The blurb continues: “It doesn't matter if you are a veteran or a rookie on a rampage, all champions have the same fighting chance. Dodge bullets and pull off massive ultimate attacks with the use of smooth WASD movement & cursor based aiming. Battlerite is about skill-shots, timing and quick reactions.”

Here’s some of that in motion:

When it arrives on Steam Early Access on September 20, Battlerite will also come with VR support. Fancy that? This could you be you: