Battlefront 2 adds new Blast map and Hero ship in latest update

In the wake of its November launch, much of the conversation around Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been tied to loot boxes. With its controversial microtransaction system still frozen, EA breaks into 2018 with a new patch, number 1.1.

As detailed in this forum post, the latest update adds the Crait map to the game's Blast mode wherein players can "battle in mines among the machinery and crystals leftover from previous occupants." 

Furthermore, patch 1.1 brings with it Iden Versio's custom-fitted TIE fighter. For 5,000 in-game credits, the new Hero Starfighter can be unlocked and used in multiplayer matches complete with an Afterburner, Laser Barrage, Dual Proton Torpedoes and Inferno Leader—the sum of which allow for temporary speed boosts, rapid-fire lasers, and homing missile proton torpedoes. 

"For the duration of Inferno Leader, all enemies within a radius are revealed to allied players," says EA. "These enemies receive increased damage from all sources."

The update also applies a number of tweaks and adjustments to classes, units and heroes—including Finn, Phasma, Lando and Boba Fett. Full patch notes can be found in this direction