Battlefield 5 is hosting a trio of free weekend trials

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

As part of Battlefield 5's Battlefest celebrations, it's opening its doors to anyone who wants a peek inside the World War 2 shooter—but only a little bit. Starting tomorrow, prospective soldiers can spend some long weekends with the game, each focusing on a specific mode. 

The first free trial will let you take Rush for a spin, planting and disarming explosives as you fight over objectives. The limited time mode is a Battlefield classic, and you'll be able to play it on Operation Underground, Rotterdam, Narvik, Mercury and other maps. Trial players can still complete challenges and earn rewards, and this weekend its a skin for the Stug IV tank destroyer.

Weekend 2, starting on October 20, will let you play the sprawling Conquest mode. You'll fight across infantry-focused maps—Operation Underground, Rotterdam, Devastation, Marita, and Arras—trying to capture and hold key areas before your reinforcements run out. Completing tasks will net you the trench carbine. 

The final weekend will start on October 24, giving you a taste of Grand Operations. These are huge, multi-mode affairs that represent multiple days of fighting rather than a single battle by pitting teams against each other in multiple modes. You'll start off in Airborne, with one team dropping in while the other attempts to shoot them out of the sky, and then progress through different maps and modes to determine the ultimate victor. To mark the end of Battlefest, players will be able to earn an anti-aircraft Fliegerfaust gadget by completing a community challenge together. 

Anything you earn during the trials will be saved if you decide to buy Battlefield 5, which is currently gearing up for the arrival of Chapter 5 and the Pacific Theatre this autumn. You can preload the free trials here.

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