Battlefield 5 gets second closed alpha next week

Following last month's first closed alpha, we learned the Battlefield 5 beta will take place in early September. Before it does, the incoming war shooter will run a second closed alpha next week—on Tuesday, August 14. 

In a blog post, EA says this second closed alpha is built "directly" from the first and will not contain changes to maps, modes, weapons or vehicles. It will, however, focus on player progression speed. 

"We have made some changes that we think will better cater to players across all play styles and skill levels based on how fast players scored points, and how quickly they progressed through the ranks in the first Closed Alpha," explains EA. "We’ve also made improvements to matchmaking and fixed issues related to joining squads. Gameplay aspects such as map, weapon, and vehicle balance are still being tested so that we can make sure matches are fun, fair, and reward skilled players. 

"We are also assessing our new systems, like attrition and soldier movement, to find that gameplay sweet spot. On the technical side, we’re assessing Battlefield 5 in a live environment. Think server stability, backend connectivity, and matchmaking."

EA adds that while this gives the developer another chance to stress-test the game in a live setting, the closed alpha is also designed to give players "a fun hands-on experience" with Battlefield 5—ahead of next month's beta, and its October 19 launch after that. 

Details on how to join next week's closed alpha can be read here, while key infor can be gleaned from the image above. Within the alpha, players can jump into either Conquest Mode or the Grand Operation Fall of Norway. More information on the latter can be read here.

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