Battlefield 5 heads Into the Jungle next week

Battlefield 5 is heading Into the Jungle with its sixth Tides of War chapter, and you can get a taste of the lush new warzone in the just-released Into the Jungle overview trailer above. 

It's a significant departure from the last chapter, which sent players to fight over Pacific islands, including the series-favourite Wake Island, complete with flamethrowers and amphibious assault vehicles. This time, players will be hoofing it through thick jungles teeming with flora and ambushers. 

Solomon Islands is a brand new Pacific map that DICE reckons works especially well in Breakthrough mode. The Americans will make a beach landing and then need to fight their way through the island and into its dangerous jungle. The map will also be available on Conquest, Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch modes. 

DICE warns that fights on Solomon Islands will be claustrophobic and tense—just what you'd hope from a jungle map. I'm a sucker for them, whether they're on Endor or on a Pacific island, and it's not just because they tend to offer lots of places for cowards like myself to hide.

Along with the new battlefield, players will be able to unlock new cosmetics and weapons. There's the Type 11 LMG and M2 Carbine, as well as a new bazooka and a lunge mine that's basically an explosive stuck to a stick. It can take out tanks, but you won't survive it. New Elites will be unlockable, too, starting with Misaki, a Japanese commando, when you hit the 40th rank. Other characters will be announced later. 

Into the Jungle is due out on February 6. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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