Battlefield 4's mid-air kills continue to inspire us


When you leap from an air vehicle, kill another air vehicle, and then safely return to the cockpit of your undestroyed air vehicle, it's called a " rendezook ." The signature Battlefield technique has been around for quite a while , but that doesn't make its modern attempts any less novel. I spotted this "rendeplast" maneuver from YouTuber ponylionHD (the "plast" suffix refers to C4, I'm assuming), who I also see practiced this technique on some larger targets in BF4.

We love these videos because they reinforce the acrobatics that mice and keyboards allow for--they fold into a long heritage of movement-as-gameplay seen in Quake III, in Tribes, and in Team Fortress Classic's conc jumps .

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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