First Battlefield 4 DLC revealed as a pre-order incentive

Could Battlefield 4 get any more human, dramatic, or believable than it did by using "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in a gameplay trailer ? I know, I didn't think so either—but they've done it again! EA is getting in touch with our soft sides by appealing to our heartrending desire to own all of the DLC , and they're doing it by offering the first for free. Provided you pre-order, that is.

Little's been revealed of the first "sprawling" DLC, China Rising, which is set across four multiplayer maps on the Chinese mainland and offers new vehicles and high-tech military equipment. When pre-ordering Battlefield 4 over at the website , though, you'll receive China Rising for "no additional cost" on top of the base game's $60.

Meanwhile, if you order the Digital Deluxe edition through Origin , you get some bonus unspecified in-game digital items and access to the multiplayer beta in addition to the base game and first DLC.

Details probably seem a little scant because of Battlefield 4 being on that Xbox thing, but we'll dig up more info for you soon.