Full Battlefield 4 promo image suggests it's sticking with the modern military theme

Battlefield 4

Official invites for Battlefield 4's GDC unveiling poured in last week , plopping an unfocused Abrams guardian right next to the RSVP email. Now All Games Beta has fished out the entirety of the invite's background image, which offers a few more hints on the fourth 'fields' setting.

Adorned with a simple Battlefield 4 logo using the same font as the last game, the image shows a soldier lugging what looks like a silenced sniper rifle, a pistol, fatigues, and a smoldering expression of determination. He's the impromptu grand marshal of a parade trio of modern military vehicles in the background: a pair of LAVs and the aforementioned Abrams. Bringing up the rear is a rain-spattered cityscape.

We can probably assume from the image that the upcoming FPS continues Battlefield 3's usage of modern military hardware and weapons with an emphasis on urban combat. Nothing is set in stone, though—we'll get the solid details when GDC rolls out next week. Who knows? It could just be an artful take on a man running to catch a bus. In the rain. Armed for bears.

Omri Petitte

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