Battlefield 4 is giving away free weapon shortcut kits

We're over half way through Battlefield 4's "Player Appreciation Month" promotion. Personally, I've not been taking part, as - having not logged in for months - I'm not really a player anymore, and so worry that I'm not going to be properly appreciated. For those that are basking in the warmth of DICE's personal attention, a new set of Kit Shortcuts have been released, and are free for a limited time.

Kit Shortcuts were purchasable microtransactions in both Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, allowing buyers to unlock weapons and items without running through the game's multiplayer class progression. Four are being introduced to Battlefield 4 over the next two weeks.

From now until February 24th, all players can get the Handgun Shortcut, which, as the name implies, unlocks all handguns in the game. Additionally, Premium members can get the Designated Marksman Rifle Shortcut, which unlocks all DMRs.

Next week, from the 25th Feb to 4th March, regular players can get the Grenade Shortcut, with Premium members also offered the Shotgun Shortcut. I'll let you work out what they both do.

To get hold of the packs, head over to the Battlelog Store page .

While I've never previously been tempted by shortcut packs, this offer seems a pretty savvy move by DICE. Due to the problems they've faced since launch, I suspect player retention has been something of a problem. This is a pretty tidy way to tempt people back, while offering a way to make it so returning players aren't feeling completely left behind by the dedicated player base. Of course, whether it works remains to be seen.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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